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Welcome to Byrds MDM

Byrds aims at simplifying mobility and IT management in startups/small companies.

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A new kind of MDM

Mobile Device Management is fondamentally an enterprise system. It allows IT engineers to remotely manage employees' device settings, apps, and usage. That's amazing, and it can be a great source of savings.

But we now live in a BYOD world (Bring Your Own Device). The employees simply can not allow a company to control their device settings and usage the old fashion way.

We need a new type of MDM,a service employees can control and trust.

Lets rebuild user trust, and make MDM relevant in a BYOD world.
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Byrds MDM logo
Byrds MDM
(Mobile Device Management)
Normal Device Management systems are build for enterprise use. That's a fact.
But its use as evolved from In House only, to BYOD.

In a world in which almost everybody has a smartphone, MDM needs to evolve so it can be trusted by employees
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
BYOD is the new corporate mobility. Existing solutions are missing many features to actually make them relevant
Permission system
This is the first step to user trust
Don't push a configuration without user consent ever again.
Affordable, starting from FREE
Enabling mobile devices for all employees is not something all companies can do. BYOD first MDM can be a solution.
Byrds MDM logo
Users need a trusted third-party
It is hard for employees to fully trust an enterprise MDM. Byrds MDM guarantee that it has limited control over BYOD devices.
Plugin system
Our plartform allow developpers to connect their services. Enabling VPN, Mail, etc, with ZERO configuration client-side.
Cross Platform (coming soon)
Available on iOS, tvOS and MacOS now.
Android is coming later this year.